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Courtside Luxury: Our Exclusive Chase Center Suites Experience

Go Dubs! 

Can’t say I’m a big Charlotte Hornets basketball fan, but when the opportunity arouse to go cheer on the home team AND sample some of the high end season ticket holder options in the Chase Center suites, what’s not to like? #godubs!

And a big shout out to Zach Charles and the Warriors for hosting us. Friday night started at 99 Warriors Way, home of the Mercedes Benz Parking Garage (nice MB GT Roadster, buddy, and a manual, no less!). We park right under the Chase Center, and after a few minutes in the “VIP” line we’re through security and greeted by our host.

Chase Center VIP Entry

Luxe Chase Center Suites

We start downstairs for a quick look at the “Courtside Lounges”, private suites either smaller for a company gathering, or a bigger shared space which would help with the sticker shock. Big screen, nibbles, and drinks included, but best of all, just steps away from excellent seats, perhaps 15 rows back from the court. Bonus? The bartender makes regular trips to the seating area to be sure your (adult or otherwise) beverages are refreshed.

Suite Life & Buffet Feasts

Just before we can say, “yes, please”, we’re whisked away up several escalators, to the Suite level, and introduced to the “Theater Boxes”, which although a fair bit further away from the action, come with your own 4 top dining table with white linens and a charcuterie board. Dinner is to be had from the buffet line which included homemade pasta, a Moroccan lamb shank served up by a carver, along with Peruvian pulled pork and assorted sides and salads. Not sure which was my favorite, but also delicious were the “kettle chips” and of course the display of theater candies…

Curry Clan Courtside Celebration

Did I mention there was a basketball game? Our home team favorite had little trouble besting the visitors, the Charlotte Hornets, but the surprising wrinkle, at least to me, was seeing a Hornet, sporting a number 30 and “S Curry” on the back. Wait, what? Are you poking fun at our star player, #30, Steph Curry? No, this is actually Steph’s baby brother, Seth, who had a pretty good game tonight. Who knew? (And if you were really in the know, you’d know that Steph and Seth’s dad, Dell Curry, was court side calling the game for Charlotte television. Mr. Curry’s number back when HE played professional basketball? #30, of course. You can read more about this Curry family get together at the Chase Center here. The Curry family royalty on display as Warriors beat Hornets – Golden State Of Mind

How to choose your Suite Seat?

You’ll see a map of the places we experienced and options on where to choose based on your preference. Overall the theater boxes had a more ‘restaurant vibe’ and the courtside lounges have a more ‘game’ vibe. The theater boxes are away from the action but give you the privacy you’re looking for and they start at around the high 400k mark for a 3 year investment. The courtside lounges give you access to a wine tasting as well as action closer to the game and these seats start at around the low 300k mark for a 10 year investment. If we had our pick I think the preference would be the courtside lounges as we can get in closer to the action. Also, I would be remiss to forget to tell you that these investments give you access to all of the Chase performances to accompany your Golden State Warrior games (so you can see Madonna, Drake and all the other great performances as part of this package when they come to town)!
Chase Center San Francisco Seat Map for Warriors or season ticket
: Dany and Eric posing together at the Chase Center during a Warriors basketball game

Thank you for joining us on this exclusive Warriors Lounge journey in the Chase Center suites. If you’ve had a courtside experience or have a favorite NBA game memory, share it with us in the comments below! For more behind-the-scenes content, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok. We’d love to hear your thoughts and connect with fellow Warriors fans.

If you’re interested in sharing your own VIP sports experience or have a suggestion for our next adventure, reach out through our contact form or send us a DM on Instagram. Until next time, let’s keep the Warriors spirit alive!